As you start your journey with PSYCH-K there are 2 options. Both are great options ~ it just depends on what is best for you and suits your intention. The workshops are not better or worse than each other ~ just different.

BOTH PSYCH-K Basic Workshop AND PSYCH-K Online Level 1 provide everything you need to know to be the master of your own subconscious beliefs and programs! Both programs explain how the subconscious mind works and provides you with a simple, repeatable way to able to transform limiting beliefs into empowering beliefs at your will.


PSYCH-K Basic Workshop is an in person workshop for people who would like to use PSYCH-K with themselves as well as with family, friends and clients. The workshop is over 3 days from 9am till 5pm. The investment for the workshop is AUD$1100

The PSYCH-K Basic Workshop features Muscle Testing with others and self muscle testing. Participants complete the workshop as Certified PSYCH-K Facilitators.

The workshop is designed for groups of 12 – 25


PSYCH-K Online Level 1 is an online workshop for people who would like to use PSYCH-K just for themselves and their own evolution. It is a 3 day program over 7 hours per day (including an hour for a lunch break). This is a global program and as such the investment is USD$850. This may also be paid in AUD or NZD according to the currency conversion on your day of booking.

The online program features Self Muscle testing and an exclusive video by Dr Bruce Lipton Ph.D, Stem Cell Biologist, explaining the science of PSYCH-K. Attendees receive an Affirmation of Attendance for successful completion of the program.

The online program is designed for groups of 10 – 16