What to expect in the PSYCH-K Basic Workshop.

I am often asked by people what they should expect in the 3 day workshop. If you have got to this stage you have probably read heaps of personal development books and already done a few other workshops before finding PSYCH-K and now you are looking for a compelling reason to invest your energy in another workshop! I get it I was in the same space when I found PSYCH-K. What I can say is that PSYCH-K really was the missing piece that I was looking for. From Day 1 of the workshop I wanted to become an Instructor because I felt so strongly that everyone deserved to have this knowledge. Whilst everyone’s experience will be unique,  PSYCH-K is simple, it’s repeatable, it’s verifiable and the best key to lasting change that I have ever found.

Most of the first half of Day 1 is spent laying the foundations of PSYCH-K. We look at the background of PSYCH-K, how it originated & the terminology used. We explore the difference between the brain and the mind, we understand what the left and right hemispheres are designed to do and also the conscious mind and the subconscious mind. The importance of beliefs, how did we even end up with these limiting beliefs and how it is possible to change them!

I will tell you a bit about what PSYCH-K means in my life and how it can be a simple tool for transformation. Its important to me that I understand what you are looking for so that I can  highlight how PSYCH-K meets your needs.

It’s important to let you know that we start the workshop essentially as a group of strangers and we share something quite incredible over the 3 days. We laugh together (well hopefully you laugh at my jokes!) and quite possibly cry together. The folder of information that you receive contains everything you need to be able to integrate PSYCH-K into your life after the workshop. It also contains over 100 empowering belief statements to balance So whilst you can share where you are at in the workshop there is absolutely no need to if you do not wish to. One of the things that I LOVE about PSYCH-K is that you can remain as private as you wish transforming any limiting beliefs you may have.

From about lunchtime onwards we move into a more experiential part of the workshop where we apply the foundation that we’ve covered in the morning.  We learn step by step each part of the PSYCH-K Balances as we build up to the full process. Its actually very simple and quick once you know the full process, I want to ensure that you feel comfortable and confident with each step before we move onto the next one. So I will explain each step, then I will demonstrate it, then it will be your turn, working in pairs, to practice. It’s by actually doing that most of us learn!

You will learn the PSYCH-K Muscle testing protocol, which is our form of communication with the superconscious and subconscious mind. The we move into learning 2 PSYCH-K Balances ~ these are your keys to unlocking limiting beliefs anytime you want to!

Knowing that you will want to customise your own beliefs you will learn the language of the subconscious mind and how to create well formed beliefs statements. You will learn a powerful tool for clarifying information to the subconscious mind and sometimes just that clarity is the missing piece!

By this time you have all the steps of PSYCH-K so now we move into practicing the whole process and integrating it into your daily life. Most of the time through out the workshop you will be muscle testing with a partner, and I know many of you would like to be able to use PSYCH-K independently as well. We will discuss the benefits and watch-outs of self muscle testing and I will demonstrate numerous self muscle testing options and give you a detailed understanding of self muscle testing. Many times people come to a work shop saying they have tried self muscle testing, but never felt confident with it. I love a challenge!  I am there to support you to be confident in self muscle testing and believe the information I share will change your experience.

Finally some of the logistics ~ its 3 full days (usually we start at either 9am or 10am and go through  till 5pm) and I recommend that you allow your self some quiet space in the evenings (as much as life will allow) to relax and get the most out of the next day. 

Morning refreshments – tea and healthy snacks will be provided. Lunch is BYO

Please bring pen and paper, a water bottle, & wear comfortable relaxed clothing to suit the weather Sometimes people like to bring a favourite cushion, or have specific dietary requirements – so you will know what is right for you.

If you have registered for the workshop you will receive an email about a week before confirming the venue and the times etc. This email also contains a link to the Workshop Agreement – you can see a copy of it here LINK – to be signed electronically.

Importantly you will spend the 3 days with an amazing group of people!  I am excited to meet you and share PSYCH-K with you soon!  Everyone deserves to be empowered with PSYCH-K!