Personally PSYCH-K gave me the absolute clarity to recognise that I was responsible for all situations in my life, especially the ones I didn’t like, and could change them!  Of course, I already knew that my thoughts created my reality on some level and there are plenty of philosophies that demonstrate that, but PSYCH-K took me to a whole new level of clarity and it differed in that it also empowered me to efficiently and effectively change my beliefs that were creating those situations. For me it was a complete package offering the problem and the solution.

I always considered myself a very left brained person, as logic came naturally, decisions were easy, and I’m confident. I liked these attributes, as they formed the core of my identity. When I was 16 years old, my middle class, uncomplicated life changed in an instant. My father died of a heart attack. I was at home with my mother when it happened, and I tried to resuscitate him. He was 54.

Many things changed after his death, the most significant being that my mother became ‘clinically depressed’ and she tried several times to commit suicide. Fortunately she was not successful and to her absolute credit (and with enormous support from my older sister that, to this day, I don’t fully understand), my mother managed to heal herself. But for about two years life was particularly unpredictable and uncertain as I navigated life and my grief. Or at least I thought I did!

At the time, none of this was clear or defined as I am writing it now. It just happened and was not given much thought at all really. I was 16 years old and my interests were pretty superficial.

In reality I pushed my grief down into a space labeled ‘too emotional’ and left it there. My left-brain ‘self’ got stronger and stronger, which was what I instinctively perceived I needed to do at the time. My left-brain self often repeated the words, ‘well that’s the way the cookie crumbles, don’t feel sorry for yourself, do something productive’. It was about making the best of the situation, about being strong and getting on with it. As the situation around me was crumbling I was driven to be ‘strong’. Not because of anything anyone said or did, just because that was my ‘go to’ coping mechanism. This strength was powerful and had many advantages, but it also left little space for softness or vulnerability, qualities that I now see as a vital, healthy, integral parts of strength. Over time the intensity of this hidden emotional space increased, on the one hand it was stagnant and untouched, on the other hand it was bubbling to the surface hoping to be acknowledged. Mostly the strength just puffed out its chest to combat any efforts of the emotional space to open up.

I took my time (you can’t rush these things!) and some 30 years later I happened to slow my life down and then I could hear the bubbling. But I was strong! Everything was fine! My father died a long time ago, and I had told myself that there was no grief!  The bubbling was indeed grief, oh so patient grief, waiting to be heard.  It came to me in lots of ways and I listened and released it in lots of ways, the details of which I’ll save for another time. Whilst none of this situation unfolding was deliberate I also know now that none of it was coincidence either.

By the time I found PSYCH-K I had done a lot of this healing, but still something was missing. Yes I had gone to the ‘too emotional’ place and had a look around and even done some work, but I had come back to reside in that strong logical place that was my comfort zone. PSYCH-K showed me that I don’t have to choose one or the other, its not either logic or emotion. I don’t need to be limited. I can have balance.  With PSYCH-K I can access the intelligence from the left and right hemispheres of my brain simultaneously. Maybe sometimes I need to apply more logic and maybe sometimes I need to be more connected to the feelings, but there is a wholeness that comes from bridging left and right brain.

What I realised was that I was actually attracting conflict into my life to prove how strong I was.  My subconscious belief was that ‘I am strong’ so my subconscious was going to do anything it needed to do to prove how right I was.   The conflict I drew into my life was the little stuff like disputing a bill, through to big stuff like a major work conflict. As I came closer to this epiphany the universe ramped up the conflict! As I hadn’t listened to the whispers maybe it was time for some shouting! Once I listened, really listened, the conflict didn’t need to be there, it was just a messenger.

Life was mirroring back to me what I needed to learn. It flew in the face of my strong identity, it dented my ego, and thank god it did! It has taken me to a much richer, more fulfilling place and I am so grateful.

Do I still consider myself strong? Yes, I do, but my vision of what strong means has changed. Softness and vulnerability is core to my ideal strength now.  I still love my left brained self and at times still find myself there a little too readily, and it makes me laugh! I’m not stuck there and I know and love my right-brained self too!

Now when I recognise a belief that doesn’t match the life I want to love and live, I use PSYCH-K to update that belief then and there. Literally in a matter of moments I can create a new potential for myself. Then I create an action plan, gently shifting things in my reality to allow those new beliefs, those new programs to manifest. And now I am part of the PSYCH-K community and I am able to facilitate PSYCH-K with others and empower others to become PSYCH-K facilitators. How lucky am I.


Looking back with 20:20 hindsight I can now see that everything happens in divine timing.

When I found PSYCH-K I was immediately and quite inexplicably drawn to it.  I knew very little about it really, yet I knew without a shadow of doubt that I wanted to take PSYCH-K as far as I possibly could. Within the first few hours of attending the Basic Workshop I knew I wanted to become an Instructor. I was already searching on the internet for when and where I could do the Advanced Workshop, and researching what was involved in becoming an Instructor.

I had been a devotee of Dr Bruce Lipton’s work for several years. In the field of Energy Psychology, PSYCH-K is Bruce’s highest recommendation. I wondered why it took me so long to get around to studying PSYCH-K, and why I was drawn to it so quickly?

When I found PSYCH-K I felt quite simply that I had found exactly what I was looking for. It was for me the ‘missing piece’ and the ‘missing peace’ that it is for so many people. I loved so many aspects of PSYCH-K: the way it empowers clients; the way it recognises their wisdom; the way it honours their higher self; the fact that it is measurable. It provided the perfect bridge between my left and right brain.

There was also an internal conflict with PSYCH-K. How was I going to explain this to Paul, my husband? Was it going to seem like my latest fad? I knew I had absolutely exhausted my budget of time and money in my transition from the corporate world to the complementary world…there had to be a limit to his support and patience…actually I felt it was just wrong of me to even ask for him to support this new passion of mine.

I would like to share here that I am an independent woman in an equal relationship, and this was about fairness and equality in our relationship. It was about decisions that affected our life together, including time, travel, finances etc. It was not about me ‘asking permission’ to do something.

I remember having this conversation with him over breakfast one Saturday. I was talking about PSYCH-K, and saying I was really tempted to follow it further, but I had probably found it too late. So many limiting beliefs from me right there. His response to me was completely unexpected and totally liberating. He has always been supportive but this really blew me away given the situation and timing etc. He said, ‘since you did the basic workshop you have not stopped raving about PSYCH-K. You have to follow your heart. You don’t have a choice. We will work out the finances somehow.’

I was totally humbled by his selflessness, his unconditional support and his unwavering belief in me. So my love of PSYCH-K blossomed and with lots of support, focus and dedication a year later I became a PSYCH-K Instructor.

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