PSYCH-K Basic Workshop ~ Sydney, Australia (in English)

PSYCH-K Basic Workshop ~ Sydney, Australia (in English)

Date(s) - 29/11/2019 - 01/12/2019
9:00 am - 5:00 pm

St Leonards


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The venue for this workshop is The Theta Healing Centre Level 2, 83 – 85 Chandos St, St Leonards.  It is 5 minutes walk from St Leonards Train Station and 2 minute walk from Willoughby Rd.

This 3 day experiential PSYCH-K Basic Workshop will give you the tools to align your subconscious programs and beliefs with your conscious goals!

You will learn how to release blocks, limitations and self-sabotaging behaviour efficiently and literally transform your life.

In the words of Dr Bruce Lipton:

‘The “secret to life” is BELIEF. Rather than genes, it is our beliefs that control our lives. PSYCH-K® is a simple, self-empowering process to change your beliefs and perceptions that impact your life at a cellular level. I have personal experience with PSYCH-K® and I am confident in its integrity, simplicity and effectiveness.’ – Bruce Lipton Ph.D Cellular Biologist, Author of The Biology of Belief

In becoming a PSYCH-K Facilitator, you will learn:

  • The importance of beliefs and understanding how our thoughts create our reality
  • The function of the left and right brain hemispheres and how to allow flow of both intelligent sources
  • The roles of the conscious, subconscious and the superconscious mind and therefore how to work with them
  • 2 Belief Change Processes to update subconscious programs
  • How to clarify goals to your subconscious mind
  • The language of the subconscious mind
  • How to create well formed belief statements
  • How to use PSYCH-K in your daily life and so much more!

I am so pleased that you have found PSYCH-K and I am excited to share this transformational workshop with you. I am passionate about PSYCH-K for SO many reasons. Here’s just a few:

  • It is self-empowering, even if you are feeling blocked right now, you actually do have everything you need and PSYCH-K is the key to accessing all your resources!
  • It is easy to replicate. On completion of the workshop you take with you printed information that provides your step by step guide to using PSYCH-K immediately.
  • It is safe. PSYCH-K uses permission and commitment protocols that respect your inner wisdom.
  • It is measurable using muscle testing.
  • It teaches you how to communicate effectively with your subconscious mind making it your best friend rather than your worst enemy!
  • It makes sense, it is complete and it works!

To help you decide if this PSYCH-K workshop is for you, you can contact me via,
M: +61 488 600 526


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