Let’s FACE it! Chinese Face Reading is an ancient study of patterns, originally used by the Taoist monks and scholars who were respected men in their role of healers, priests and compassionate advisors. Just as the foot is a microcosm of our body and health for reflexology, so too the face is a map of our physical and emotional health. Features and marks on the face can represent our physical health, our emotional health or an age of life. This ancient science and art brings wisdom to understanding our authentic nature and purpose.

With the recent success of the movie La La Land I thought it would be fun to look at Emma Stone’s face and what a beautiful face it is!!! So much more enjoyable my last Let’s face it 😉

I have chosen this image because it is fairly neutral and straight on. The outstanding feature on Emma’s face is her eyes, they are large and open and prominent. This is a woman who wants to communicate and share her thoughts and feelings with her people.

It’s important to her that she resonates with what she is doing in her life, she really needs to  feel connected to what she is doing, she needs to feel that passion. She enjoys variety & excitement or she might get bored easily

With the gentle curve of her eyebrows she will communicate with kindness, even when she has something more direct to say she will deliver it gently.






Image credit: http://www.indiewire.com/2014/11/dont-love-emma-stone-yet-this-interview-will-fix-that-68047/