We are constantly receiving messages to guide us and keep us on the right path. Whether that is through a situation we find ourselves in, an illness or health condition or limitless other ways the universe can talk to us. Now, unfortunately,  the right path does not mean the path is always smooth sailing! Bugger!!  Often the right path has twists and turns, often it comes with tears and fears or even more hardship. I firmly believe we are here to grow and it is these challenges that help us to expand. Within every experience is a gift. Sometimes that gift is SO buried in ugly wrapping paper that it is absolutely incomprehensible that there is  anything to be gained from the situation or the experience. We can all too easily get stuck in the downward spiral of focusing on all the things around us that we DON’T WANT!!  So when we do that we end up getting even MORE of what we don’t want! ARGHHH!! Then  we think we are our own worst enemy! We believe we are sabotaging ourself!! It becomes this self fulfilling  prophecy because thats how our subconscious mind works! More on that another time…lets get back to the whispers.

Often we are so busy, caught up in craziness of family, work, relationships that we don’t hear the whispers of the universe around us. Culturally we are not really taught to even see those messages let alone read them and we learn by trial and error ~ if we learn at all!

So this past week it has been time for me to decipher some messages around me and to be honest I am still open to understanding them fully. But by being open and vulnerable  thankfully they have been able to find me sooner. By being open and vulnerable some absolute angels have showed up for me and for that I am enormously grateful!!

One of the messages is that my watch stopped and in fact the minute hand has come off its spring. Once upon a time I might have said ‘my watched stopped because it is 10 years old’. But not anymore, I do not believe it’s an accident. Does it mean I  don’t need time…does it mean that I am out of time…does it mean that I am too focused on the minutae and should see the big picture more (as in the hours). Or did my watch just break!

A very close and loved relative of mine is very sick.  Once upon a time I would have simply thought ‘shit happens’ & ‘thats the way the cookie crumbles’ ~ another favourite expression of mine. I would have thought it was sad, absolutely heartbreakingly sad & I would have had enormous compassion for everyone but I would not have looked at other perspectives. Now I am searching for what this experience is here to teach me. Its confronting and it asks me to dig deeper, it would be so much easier to brush it away. I know that brushing it away will not make it go away but rather those emotions will wait for me. These emotions will find me in a years time or 2 years time or more, our emotions are very patient. All any emotion wants it to be felt.  But all that waiting would mean that I didn’t hear the whispers so they will have to raise their voice until I pay them some attention. I choose to be still and hear them now as much as I possibly can.

Whilst one aspect of my business has gone very quiet ( maybe its just February and everyone is recovering form Christmas and back to school – or maybe it is asking me to be still and pay attention to something else) another opportunity has come out of left field. Is this tempting my resolve and my commitment? Or is this a sign to change directions? It’s all open to interpretation and there is no right or wrong answer.

So in looking for clarity I went to the reassurance of my oils. Using muscle testing I asked my higher self if there was a message in the oils for me about the situation? There was and the one oil to deliver that message was White Fir. I then looked in my Emotions & Essential Oils Book…White Fir is the oil of Generational Healing. It made so much sense, it gave me some clarity when I previously had confusion. The detail of the clarity is a blog for another time and when that time is right I may share it.

Once  I started to shine light on the message with White Fir, the path began to light up with people (those angels I mentioned before – again thats another story by itself 🙂 and synchronicity and signs. When my resolve was being tested big time this morning I find a post on Facebook that resonated with every cell of my body and all of my spirit. It was all about PERSEVERANCE by Nicole Cody of Cupcakes and Cauldrons and your can read it here:  https://cauldronsandcupcakes.com/2017/02/06/the-week-ahead-oracle-for-monday-6-february-2017/

I am so grateful for the oils  http://potentminds.com/services/doterra-essential-oils/and their wisdom, and I am grateful to you for sharing this with me.



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