HARMONIOUS NEW YEAR to YOU! Yes, I know the normal phrase is HAPPY New Year or maybe PROSPEROUS New Year…but it just doesn’t feel quite right for me this year and its given me reason to reflect. Some of my family and friends are facing really challenging times right now, and I am sure many of you could  either relate to that or know people who are in tough times. Plus personally I am  taking the opportunity that this New Year brings to consider my personal development…what beliefs serve me and what beliefs are limiting me and need to change.

Often it’s the challenges that deliver growth opportunities in our life. These challenges are not something that is usually described as “Happy”, more like gifts in ugly wrapping paper!!  But I believe they are purposeful, there is a gift in there somewhere! On the surface ‘Happy New Year’ is a lovely wish that we bestow on family, friends ….and strangers and, regardless of what I think, I am sure it will live on and live strong! But for me its all about HARMONY.

Harmony is achieved when we balance all parts of ourselves. The Chinese, through the extensive study of patterns, provide a very elegant way to recognise and balance our authentic selves. Ancient Chinese Wisdom teaches that EVERYTHING can be described using The Five Elements, that is Water, Wood, Fire, Earth & Metal. Each Element represents many things from stage of life, to organ of the body, to emotion, illuminating various gifts and challenges and much more. Some Elements are represented in Yin and Yang forms, others are in just one form. Altogether there are nine representations of those Five Elements.

There are many ways these Elements influence us. Firstly our face shows The Five Elements and we all read faces to some extent and get an impression of someone by what we see in their face. This is our outer self that we show the world.

Then our birthday is like our hidden self, but also a very important part of our nature. We come into the world at a particular time and we come imprinted with he energy of that time. Again this shows our natural strengths and challenges in a specific way.

So together the face and the birthdate combine as our authentic self. As much as possible, with the ebb and flow of life, we want to be in harmony with our authentic self. True balance comes from within and then we approach everything from a balanced perspective.

We also move through the energy of time…we move through a cycle of the nine years influenced by the nine different elements. The energy of time influences us as well. It is important to flow with the energy of the year that we are in. No one wants to swim against the current! There is a time for hibernation, a time for sewing the crops, a time for reaping the harvest. Just like the seasons, there is a time for everything. When we recognise and honour the divine timing we create a harmonious year.

Any year can be good and any year can be bad, the important thing is to be in flow with our authentic self and in flow with the energy of the year that we are in. That is the harmonious 2017 I wish for you <3


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