Connect with your subconscious mind and make powerful lasting change.
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Creating neural pathways for positive change for individuals and organisations.
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PSYCH-K® creates whole brained thinking ~ accessing wisdom of the left and right hemispheres simultaneously

Welcome to Potent Minds

Empowering people and organisations to achieve their full potential by understanding the role of the conscious and subconscious minds and being able to rapidly transform subconscious beliefs and programs to match conscious goals. Creating whole brained thinking, empowering  people and organisations to make positive change in their lives and communities.

Founded in 2011 by Liz Champtaloup, Potent Minds delivers PSYCH-K®  workshops for individuals and companies across Australia and New Zealand.  Join Liz at her next workshop.






Amanda Cinanni

A workshop with Liz is a fantastic experience. Her knowledge and delivery of the course is impressive. She provided me with the tools to clearly identify what was holding me back and to work towards and set a path to my goals.

SM, Brisbane

I couldn't recommend Liz and her work enough. I connected with the style and the overall atmosphere of Potent Minds straight away and immediately felt comfortable. I found ways of learning about and training my mind; accepting, adjusting and moving forward. I was able to go into daunting new environments with a great deal more confidence in myself.

KC, School Teacher, Bundaberg

I attended a PYSCH -K Basic 2 day workshop with Liz. First I would like to thank her for her wisdom and understanding, not only for myself, but he way she was with the other participants as well. I felt free to talk about my "stuff" without any embarrassment about how that would be received. The PSYCH-K process is enlightening & it was so easy to understand and most of all put into action.

JB, Brisbane

You are a natural teacher. It's a gift and I thank you for sharing it with me together with your knowledge and wisdom. Thank you for your generosity. It made the day feel even more nurturing.