PSYCH-K®  facilitates communication directly with your Super Conscious to ensure that the programming of your subconcsious mind matches your conscious wishes and desires.

There are two  distinct hemispheres in the brain. The LEFT hemisphere is responsible for logic and reasoning whilst the RIGHT hemisphere is the creative and emotional mind. Ideally we are empowered when we integrate and access both hemispheres simultaneously & effortlessly. But commonly  a belief can be dominated by one side of our brain.

Also there is the conscious mind or the analytical, thinking mind & then there is the subconscious mind,   or the habitual mind ~ that which occurs below conscious awareness.  The programming of the subconscious mind influences our actions and behaviours 95% of the time and is a million times more powerful than our conscious mind. So we are being influenced, 95% of the time, from our subconscious programming or patterns below our conscious awareness!

If consciously we are ‘trying’ to achieve a goal but a conflicting or limiting belief is held in our subconscious then we are unlikely to be successful. The conscious mind’s 5% cannot dominate the influence of the subconscious’ 95%. .


PSYCH-K®  is ideal for anyone who would like to make LASTING CHANGE.

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