I LOVE Tapping! I have seen it work in powerful ways over and over again! Plus I have had my own powerful Tapping experience.

Emotional Freedom Technique is also known as Tapping and it is based on the same energy meridians as acupuncture – except it uses Tapping instead of needles. It is a simple yet powerful technique that you can learn and use whenever you need it. It can be done with or without a practitioner.

Everything is energy. The seasons and the times of the day carry an energy. You have electrical impulses sending messages all around your body, YOU have an energy and you receive an energy from everyone around you. We all know that experience of being able to ‘cut the air with a knife’ when the energy is negative and we also know the opposite when the energy is positive and powerful and how energised that makes us feel.

Any dis-ease in your life stems from an energy disruption to your system. So EFT corrects that energy imbalance before proceeding with the therapy and addressing any physical OR emotional dis-ease. The power system of our home has a safety switch so that when there is a storm or a problem the power will cut out until someone resets the safety switch. When we experience an emotional or physical ‘storm’ our power system or our energy can also shut down in some aspect. EFT is a gentle way to reset our personal safety switch, so that our energy can work with us to activate the body’s powerful ability to heal. If our energy is shut down in one dimension of our lives no therapy can reach us in the way we need.

Working with a Tapping Practitioner is like working with a Personal Trainer: you get some motivation and learn some great exercises and the Trainer takes you further than you might otherwise go on your own. But you can also continue to workout on your own and support your fitness.

Tapping calms our amygdala, the part of our brain that is involved with emotional responses, thereby  taking the ‘charge’ out of the issue and allowing us to choose our response. Clients are amazed at how relaxed they feel after only a few minutes of tapping. This is a phenomenal turn around in an issue that has often challenged them for a long time.

Tapping is a wonderful relaxation of your mind and body allowing profound connection with with your inner wisdom and powerful calmness and clarity.


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