Emotion Code

Emotion Code is based on the belief that trapped emotions are at the core of all dis-easeWhether that difficulty be physical, emotional or spiritual.

The Subconscious Mind will do anything to protect you and keep you safe, thats it’s job to keep you alive!  Remember this is the habitual mind and the subconscious is not capable of analytical thinking. Its not designed to analyse and it’s not meant to analyse. It is going to protect you physically AND emotionally. So at times its way of protecting you and keeping you safe can seem child like and illogical to our conscious minds. One of the ways the subconscious may use to protect you is by holding onto emotions to protect you from feeling that hurt again.

With the Emotion Code any trapped emotions can be identified and, with permission of the the client’s Super Conscious, be released.

So if you feel like you are carrying emotional baggage?  Maybe you actually are!

Emotions are energy in motion and need to flow to be healthy.


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